Féria de Béziers cathedrale pont vieux wines of pays d'Oc ©Inter Oc

Each year in mid-August the Féria de Béziers, in the heart of the Pays d’Oc vineyards, festoons the city in vivid colours. Bullfights, bars, flamenco: an ideal moment to taste the wines of the Pays d’Oc!

Sevillian and flamenco dancing! Since 1968, the Féria de Béziers festival is a whirlwind of traditions and events maintained by the city’s strong Spanish community. The bullfights in the arenas and the bars are experiences not to be missed! The ultimate Féria festival drink, the Pays d’Oc wines, are at the centre of the festivities, and rosé becomes the dominant colour.


One of the great experiences in Occitania!