At Cognac, the historic House of Remy Martin invites you to discover the origins and expertise behind these famous cognacs. Three centuries of history and creation combine around a tasting of specially crafted chocolates.

From the unique white chalk soil to the reddish stills and the blending of brandies, the production of cognac is a subtle art, undertaken with great care and talent by the vine grower, the master distiller and the cellar master.

Look at their amber colour and smell their woody, fruity aromas...

The special tours at the House of Remy Martin introduce you to these experts as well as many other interesting experiences. The ‘About Chocolate’ tour takes you even further, bringing together fine cognacs and delicious chocolates to delight your taste buds.

A tasting in the oldest cellar of the House of Remy Martin, at Cognac

Accompanied by a Remy Martin ambassador, you enter the oldest cellars at Cognac. Right from the very first step, you will be surrounded by woody, fruity aromas. The precious Cognac, seemingly in hibernation, comes to life in the hundred-year-old oak casks. In the intimate tasting rooms, the ceremony of the degustation  begins. Three Remy Martin Fine Champagne cognacs are waiting for you. Look at their amber colour and smell their strong aromas of wood and ripe fruit. This awakening of the taste buds is an invitation to experience appealing new combinations. Why not accompany your tasting with the special creations of our chef at Club Rémy Martin? In the golden light of the tasting room, taste the subtle harmonies of the perfect alliance of cognac and chocolate


Maison Remy Martin

20, rue de la Société Vinicole

16100 Cognac

Phone: + 33 (0)5 45 35 76 66.