Stunning Domaine d’Ognoas, with its rich built heritage, forest and vines, is the perfect destination for wine lovers, all year round.

In this delightful corner of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the star is none other than Landes Armagnac! Distilled in the traditional manner using Gascony’s oldest still, wood fired and listed as an historic monument.


Landes Armagnac pairs well with local dishes as well as with the subtle aromas of XL40 chocolate « Les Landes chocolatées ». The estate may have award-winning vintages but these are not the only show in town, as Moon Night – perfect for cocktails – and Flocs de Gascogne are also stars in their own right.

For the complete terroir experience, why not stay in one of the Domaine's two 18th century tenant farms.


Domaine d'Ognoas

1 403, route d'Ognoas

40190 Arthez d'Armagnac


Tél.: +33 (0)5 58 45 22 11