When you go to buy your wine, the last thing you want – the very last thing – is to look as though you’re still wet behind the ears. We know what it’s like, don’t worry. So, when in Chablis, we’ll send you off to S. Chablis, which is something of a surprise, a multi-faceted concept consisting of a wine cellar-cum-wine bistro.

The landlord, Arnaud Valour, is a valiant defender of Burgundy’s heritage. Arnaud’s tour de force – and the reason his cellar is so interesting – lies largely in the way he selects his wines with such meticulous care. Rather than representing producers, Arnaud sets out to put the spotlight on appellations, vintages and styles that reflect the quintessential nature of the local terroir. If the mood takes you, you can even have a private Chablis master class of the very highest calibre with the owner, casting the net wide from a Petit Chablis to a Grand Cru. And, of course, you can always leave with a case of your favourite wines under your arm… which is kind of why you came in the first place, isn’t it?


8 rue Auxerroise, 89800 Chablis, France