Nowadays the making of Armagnac brandy is no longer restricted to men. In Occitania, among many passionate winemakers, Caroline and Sophie Rozès apply their sensitivity to a craft handed down over generations. 

There is a world of difference between perfumes and spirits. Yet it’s these two areas which Caroline Rozès decided to explore after having worked for a decade in the perfume business in Paris. The youngest daughter of a family from the Gers region, Caroline began producing a most beautiful fragrance, that of her family’s Armagnac brandy, by taking over two properties at Cassaigne in the Gers region: the Chateau de Léberon and the Domaine d’Aurensan

Joining her in this project is her sister Sophie, a vet by training, who, alongside her father, Bernard, is involved in the conversion of the vineyard to organic agriculture. A geological engineer, Bernard learnt the secrets of Armagnac production from his grandfather, and then his father.      

The vintages, true to the purest Armagnac tradition, are sold at Fauchon

Caroline and Sophie thus represent the fourth generation of Armagnac producers who have run the Chateau de Léberon since 1939, the year when their grandfather, Osmin, bought the vineyard. There is a world of difference between perfumes and spirits, but there are also a number of similarities: ‘The smells, for sure, the aromas, the sensibility, the excellence, the expertise, the choice of top quality,’ explains Caroline, proud that her bottles, or flasks, all of which contain vintages in the purest tradition of Armagnac brandy, are available at the luxury retailer Fauchon, in Paris, and on the menus of the best restaurants. ‘Our Armagnacs come from a traditional craft, which we want to develop and share.’


Château de Léberon et Domaine d'Aurensan

32100 Cassaigne