Arnaud Le Saux, the discerning Head Sommelier at Cordeillan-Bages, reveals his wine pairings and discoveries... A journey through the world of classic, and unexpected, food and wine pairings


A native of Nantes, Arnaud Le Saux first discovered the world of wine during his studies at catering college. “I knew nothing about wine. I took a one-year vocational diploma, visited different places, met various people, and never looked back”. After these early days in France, followed by time in England and the United States, Arnaud Le Saux arrived at Château Cordeillan-Bages to take up the post of Head Sommelier in 2013.


He compiled his wine list for guests who come to explore the Bordeaux wine region. It contains over 1,500 different wines, from Bordeaux Grands Crus to an outstanding selection of wines from other regions, plus a special section for Champagne and Burgundy. “I adapt to suit different tastes but always include a selection of bottles that I’m keen want to share with others. ”


For this wine lover, a good wine is “a wine you want to drink again, as soon as you’ve finished your glass”; a great wine, is “one that delivers a particular emotion and makes a lasting impression”.


Attentive, always ready to explain wine in simple terms and talk to winemakers, who he meets on a regular basis, Arnaud Le Saux also creates food and wine pairings in perfect harmony with Chef Julien Lefebvre: “A good food and wine pairing is a question of balance. The wine shouldn’t alter the dish, and neither wine nor dish should overwhelm one another. ”


Wine lovers and professionals who would like to extend the experience can pick from one of the 1.5 hour tasting sessions organised by the Cercle Lynch-Bages: discovering the Médoc, the art of blending, great terroirs of Bordeaux, food and wine pairing, and more.


Or why not put yourself in the winemaker’s shoes and attend the VINIV workshop? You’ll get the chance to visit some of Bordeaux’s finest vineyards and produce your own wine from start to finish!


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