Gérard Bertrand likes to share the exceptional diversity and characteristics of each of his 11 vineyards. At the Chateau l’Hospitalet, near Narbonne, every detail has been taken care of so that visitors can discover the wines of occitania in total harmony with nature.

What is your conception of wine tourism?

First of all it’s about discovering the location: the soils, the grape vines, the people, the lifestyle, and the climate. Chateau l’Hospitalet has everything you need to ensure this discovery takes place in the best possible conditions: a magnificent setting in the heart of a protected mountain range that is a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea and Narbonne, surrounded by an exceptional heritage of civilizations which forged human history (the Romans, Cathar Christians, the city of Carcassonne, the Canal du Midi) … Here we share our passion for wine. Each person can have what we hope will be an unforgettable sensory and emotional experience: in the vineyard, wine cellar, restaurant and wine buffet, in the company of artists and to the sound of music!


Chateau l’Hospitalet uses organic cultivation methods. How does that change the wine tourism experience?

Organic cultivation is based on connection with nature and the search for harmony and balance. I hope that the people who come to visit, dine in the restaurant, take part in a wine-tasting session, or stay over, will find that this vineyard is a good place to recharge their batteries, rediscover the link with the environment and find peace and harmony. We maintain this harmony by combining a protected natural setting, gourmet meals with local products, vegetables from the garden, and wine-tasting workshops to explain the characteristics of this wine district. All these elements combine to fuel our inspiration when we make our wines.


Chateau l'Hospitalet

Route de Narbonne-Plage

11100 Narbonne

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