Michaël Arnoult, a chef with 2 Michelin stars to his name, found himself the perfect setting for his restaurant “Les Morainières” in the heart of the Savoie vineyard where he could combine his love of cooking with his love of the mountains.

Portrait of a man with a passion...


Before coming to the Savoie Mont Blanc region to join Emmanuel Renault’s team in Megève as his loyal right-hand man, this talented young chef from Orleans served in the kitchens of the Delphin in Nantes and at Oakly Court in Windsor in the United Kingdom.


Why choose such a tiny village to set up a restaurant?

“It took us a very long time to find this restaurant deep in the mountains. We drifted from one lake to another, travelling the valleys and catching glimpses of the vines in the distance. From the Lac du Bourget we meandered through the countryside before striking out towards Jongieux with its beautiful rows of Jacquère, Bergeron and Altesse vines...we thought we had found the ideal restaurant.“

Anecdotes taken from the food critic’s blog www.gillespudlowski.com


Is working with local producers important to you?

Our menu starts with a list of my partners. Most of the produce I use is fresh from the Savoie region. When you know the people who produce your ingredients, you have a special connection with the product and you really cook with your heart. I am convinced that the same recipe has a completely different flavour. Our menu is always changing as the seasons come and go, and we are constantly coming up with new ways to do justice to our fabulous ingredients.


What wine do you prefer?

You’ll have to ask my sommelier. His wine list includes a wide range of Savoie wines with some exceptional vintages. Our restaurant is set in the Marestel Cru region, surrounded by vines. It would have been a shame not to feature all these wonderful creations our wine-growers produce.


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Restaurant les Morainières

Route de Maretel 

73170 Jongieux

Tel: +33(0) 4 79 44 09 39

Email : contact@les-morainieres.com