An oyster farm that operates according to the “solar tides” and offers Ostreathérapie in the heart of the Pays de Thau wine region.

With its stunning setting beside the Bassin de Thau, this oyster farm produces fleshy oysters using the ground breaking “solar tides” method. Developed to meet Florent Tarbouriech’s dream to produce exceptional oysters, the farm operates using the “solar tides” method. Oysters are removed from the water daily in accordance with a carefully controlled schedule. The sun and crystal-clear Mediterranean water produce high-quality shellfish, and the farm's environmentally friendly credentials are just as clear, with the farm powered by photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

Domaine Tarbouriech’s vines sit in the largest vineyard in France (300,000 hectares). Once there, you can sample wines from the Pays de Thau during wine tasting classes, and visits to the wineries and estates. You can also visit Abbaye de Valmagne and its wine estate, nicknamed the “cathedral of the vines”, and one of the finest Cistercian monuments in France.

An ideal pairing for the oysters is a glass of Picpoul de Pinet AOC, Languedoc’s premier white wine appellation and still the closest appellation to Domaine Tarbouriech. Because this fruity wine comes from the same area and climate, it is the perfect match for these sweet oysters.

Last June, Maison Tarbouriech opened its brand-new Domaine, focused on well-being and offering a unique Mediterranean know-how. Ostreathérapie was developed here, a unique concept that focuses on well-being treatments based on the active ingredients found in oysters and in their environment. This shellfish is actually packed with vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, and the oyster flesh is not only a natural source of energy, proteins and antioxidants, but is also low fat. Here you can relax and enjoy customised, exclusive treatments as you sample some of the many services offered in Domaine’s 400m² well-being centre.


Domaine Tarbouriech

Chemin des Domaines 
Maison des pêcheurs
34340 Marseillan