The Corbières-Fenouillèdes trail resort in the heart of Fenouillèdes offers runners of all abilities, from beginner to advanced, a range of routes through the vines of the Agly Valley and the high-altitude vineyards. 


These routes – which include fun circuits and itineraries where you can taste the local wines – are so much more than run-of-the-mill courses through the great outdoors. You can take advantage of one-on-one coaching or take off on the trails on your own – either way, you’ll run through magnificent vineyard landscapes of Roussillon. The trails follow the paths used by winemakers as you cross vine-clad plains. They’re also the ideal opportunity to go and meet local producers as well as discovering the region’s dry and sweet wines together with the many AOP wines that are a speciality of the terroir.


A range of packages is available so you can mix running and exploring the vineyards, transforming your jogging break into a veritable wine excursion. Runners can come for the afternoon, the whole day or even the weekend. And, after finishing your trail run, you can enjoy a tasting in a wine cellar, a special meal combining food and wine or a sports massage followed by an evening introduction to oenology.


The splendours of the cultural heritage all around include superb Cathar châteaux, and you can also immerse yourself in the history of the Marca Hispanica


One major annual event stands out among all the sporting and wine activities organised by the trail resort: the Marathon Vertical du Vignoble. Every autumn the Vertical Vineyard Marathon brings together people who are passionate about running and good food. The course winds through vineyards for 42 kilometres, and the route is peppered with refuelling stands that are somewhat refined, to say the least: they’re stocked with produce made by local winegrowers! In fact, all the gifts runners receive and the prizes on offer are full of the flavour of the terroir’s vineyards – more than enough, in other words, to delight hedonistic athletes and foodie marathon-runners alike!


Base d’accueil de Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes

12 avenue du Roussillon

66220 Caudiès de Fenouillèdes

Tel.: +33(0)4 68 59 92 64


Base d’accueil de Maury

Avenue Jean Jaurès

66460 Maury

Tel.: +33(0)4 68 50 08 54