Haute-Provence, located between the regional parks of Luberon and Verdon, offers both a beautiful landscape and gourmet delights thanks to its exceptional produce, the fruit of a unique terroir.

The green of the vines and olive trees against the blue of the sky, the scents of lavender and almond blossom in the air, the song of the cicadas mingling with the buzzing of the bees, not forgetting the sun-drenched fruit and vegetables that fill the colourful market stalls... This is a destination that offers a genuine concentration of colours, scents and flavours!


The gentle lifestyle can even be found in the landscapes and the countless number of specialities produced by a rich and fertile soil. For proof look no further than the area's 11 AOPs and IGPs! The local producers and artisans invest their passion and know-how to produce a selection of high-quality and typically Provençal items, brought together under the brand name "Hautement Provence".


You can discover these exceptional products on restaurant terraces, in shops or directly at their producers. Delicatessen lovers will be amazed by the great diversity on offer. Starting with the inescapable olive oil, the green gold that lends dishes a perfect fragrance, accompanied by two of the region’s other jewels: the truffle, known as the black diamond, and saffron, referred to as red gold.


As for sweets, the Valensole plateau almond features in many confectionery treats, while the region’s honeys contain all the floral notes of Provence in their jars. Who could forget lavender, whose pretty mauve flowers with a thousand virtues are mainly grown for their use in perfumery, cosmetics and aromatherapy?


And of course the vine, another jewel of the region's terroir. In the local wineries, the king of wines is none other than rosé, revealing its fruity and delicate aromas in a fresh bouquet.


It goes without saying that with such jewels of Provençal culture, you will encounter not only the finest artisanal produce but experience a whirlwind of “Hautement Provence” emotions!


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