Pays Vidourle Camargue is located between Languedoc, Provence and Cévennes. In the south, the region is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Over the centuries many newcomers have landed on its shoreline, notably the Etruscans, who brought with them their passion for the vine.

The Vidourle Camargue wine region is a patchwork of different terroirs whose climates vary from north to south. These different areas are linked by the region’s 5 AOPs and 4 IGPs. Gorged by the sun, Pays Vidourle Camargue wines come in a wide palette of classic colours. From the light pink of “rosé clair” to the pale pink of the Gris de Gris “Sable de Camargue”, the golden yellow of Muscat de Lunel and the deep reds of AOP Languedoc, all are the perfect match for the region’s food

Eating and drinking well are the watchwords in this southern region, where living the good life reigns supreme.

This atmosphere can be found in spades at Grau du Roi, a fishing and maritime village that is a must-visit due to its unspoilt beach, the finest on the Mediterranean coast. These southern villages also contain a wealth of wonders, starting with the famous medieval city of Aigues-Mortes with its magnificent walls, classed as a Grand Site d'Occitanie. Sommières, listed as a Petite Cité de Caractère, is also worth a trip, if only for its feudal then royal castle, whose walls overlook the town and the banks of the Vidourle river.


Pays Vidourle Camargue is also renowned for its hospitality, where passionate service providers offer authentic and inviting experiences. Château de Pondres is a former 16th century feudal castle that has been completely renovated and transformed into a 4-star hotel and restaurant. On the menu: relaxation, wellness and fine food in an estate filled with hundred-year old trees. Domaine Royal de Jarras, in the heart of the stunning Camargue Gardoise – a landscape that has been classed as a Grand Site de France – is the largest wine estate in France, with vines rooted in sand and surrounded by some of the region’s iconic flora and fauna. All within a stone's throw of Aigues-Mortes, and its fabulous salt marshes.


Just some of the surprises that Pays Vidourle Camargue and its wine region have to offer…


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