chardonnay © BIVBArmelle photographe Chardonnay village, vineyard of Burgundy © Getty - W Vanbragt

In May: Chardonnay under the spotlight again — on social networks and in its native Burgundy!

On Chardonnay Day — dreamt up in California several years ago — everyone is invited to share their experiences of the eponymous grape variety on social networks using the #ChardonnayDay and #Burgundy hashtags.


This annual event has now spread far beyond the borders of California, and is celebrated in all four corners of the globe. If you want to take part in Chardonnay mania, go online on at the end of May!


If the world of virtual reality isn’t your thing, head for the village of Chardonnay — where else? — in Burgundy, the venue for the special day’s festivities. The programme, which will be very convivial, includes meetings with winegrowers, some gastronomic cooking and a bit of music.


Chardonnay will, of course, be the star of the evening, with tastings beginning at the end of the day on the Place du Millénaire!




In May



In the village of Chardonnay