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The town of Sète celebrates its patron saint, Saint Louis, to the rhythm of the traditional water jousting tournaments, street performances and numerous bars, or bodegras, which invade the streets and the canals. A festive experience and an ideal opportunity to discover the wines of the Pays d’Oc region.

Each year, the six days of the Festival de Saint-Louis, the patron saint of Sète, attract tens of thousands of people.


The spectacular water jousting tournaments enliven this Venice of the Languedoc, as do the 70 street performances and many bars, or bodegas.


Don’t miss the swim along the canals of Sète! And it’s impossible to leave without trying the famous tielle of Sète, an octopus tarte which is accompanied by a terret, a Pays d’Oc wine typical of the Etang de Thau area!




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