Les Vinalia - Saint-Romain-En-Gal, Vignoble de la Vallée du Rhône

In Ancient Rome, Vinalia Rustica celebrated the start of the wine harvest. Today, the Gallo-Roman museum in Saint-Romain-En-Gal, near Vienne, is reviving this ancient wine festival as an archaeological experiment and historical reconstruction.

With all due respect to Asterix, the Gauls ate very little boar, and cervoise – a form of ancient beer – was soon competing with wine brought by the Greeks and Romans. Discover how wine was produced in ancient times through harvest reconstructions using the estate’s wines, and treading and grape pressing on site.


Aside from wine production, you’ll also discover ancient craft making skills such as pottery, wickerwork and cooperage – all linked to beverage production. Tastings of Greek and Roman cuisine, wine, cervoise and mead –on stalls and during the Roman banquet – round off this programme of archaeological-culinary delights. Activities for young and old alike are also organised, including clay moulding, Roman games, ancient cookery, and much more.


 Vinalia is an original and unique experience organised under the auspices of UNESCO’s Chair in “Wine Culture and Tradition”, based in Dijon. The event has also won a European Iter Vitis Award for the cultural diversity of its wine-tourism offer. A unique and unmissable part of any visit to France! Vinalia is a popular event, so make sure you book in advance!




Every 2 years, the last weekend of September (next in 2025)



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