Famille Carabello-Baum is the fifth family to steward the domain in almost three centuries and their vision is to introduce wine enthusiasts from around the world to the elegant tastes of Burgundy.

Michael’s personal journey with wine began when he first traveled to France on his honeymoon with his wife Julie 25 years ago. The passion he experienced then remains undimmed, and now his passion for French wine and culture has brought his family to Burgundy as the new owners of Château de Pommard. Splitting his time between San Francisco and Pommard, Michael enjoys studying the incredible diversity of the seven micro-terroir found in Clos Marey-Monge, working to bring sustainable practices to the estate's viticulture and winemaking and sharing the beauty of Burgundy with the world in new and innovative ways.

“Our team at Château de Pommard have three simple ambitions: to always work in harmony with the laws of nature, maintain a hands-off approach and let the vintage do the talking. That's it. Embracing sustainability and biodynamic viticulture is not just about making elegant and delectable wines, it’s about making a connection with the planet that we all call home.”

And with the recent launch of six new Wine Experiences, clients of all wine knowledge levels – from novice to seasoned wine enthusiasts – are offered a unique and entertaining wine education including incredibly rare insights into the untouchable world of Burgundy’s terroir, viticulture and winemaking.


“As we advance our own knowledge of how to collaborate with nature to accomplish our goals, we are committed to sharing our learnings with the world in the hope that we can all live healthier, more enjoyable lives, and leave this place better than we found it for future generations.” 

Michael Baum, CEO & Propriétaire


Château de Pommard

15 rue Marey Monge



Tel: +33 (0)3 80 22 07 99

Email: experiences@chateaudepommard.com