Everyone knows Montaigne and his famous “essays” but have you visited his home?

Come and explore a château with an important historical past close to Bergerac and Saint-Emilion. The castle’s Tower is where, from 1572, Michel Eyquem de Montaigne spent “most of the days of his life, and most hours of the day” meditating and reflecting on his famous essays. During the visit you will learn various anecdotes from the life of this great man, his work and philosophy as you explore the different parts of his Tower: the Chapel, the Room with the thick walls, the closet and study.

Opposite the Tower sits a 19th century château designed in a medieval and Gothic Revival style by Pierre Magne, a lawyer who served as Finance Minister under Napoleon III. The current owners, the Mähler-Besse family, offer visitors a warm welcome to their home and its period furniture. Enjoy a stroll through the lush park that surrounds the Château, and why not try the treasure hunt, a favourite with kids and school children alike.

Aside from its rich history, the Château also has a 19 hectare (47 acre) vineyard. Michel de Montaigne enjoyed wine, particularly that produced by his vines. The Montaigne terroir enjoys perfect geological and climatological conditions thanks to the clay-limestone soil. Today, in addition to a red wine, the vineyard produces a dry and sweet white wine. End your visit with a wine tasting, lunch in the banqueting hall, or an occasional gourmet meal.


Tour de Montaigne

24230 Saint Michel de Montaigne France

+33 (0)5 53 58 63 93