Explore the real Corsica on this unforgettable trip created by Jean-Pierre Pinelli. Discover the Balagne wine region and its treasures, where visits and tastings await, set amidst a stunning landscape.

From Provence to the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, your trip across L’Île de Beauté, the island of beauty, will be one of wild landscapes, endless turquoise-blue water, heady aromas, memorable gastronomic and wine experiences, and locations packed with history and wonderful encounters.


Corte, Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio, the Lavezzi islands: incredible locations for maximum relaxation. Your days will be busy, but your nights calm thanks to the most comfortable hotels and finest restaurants, carefully selected by the author of this Route du Bonheur.


I want to share the deep passion I have for my island, and capture some of the beauty it has to offer...” - Jean-Pierre Pinelli, owner of La Villa Spa


Wine lovers take note: the route that bears his name takes you to Balagne, the magnificent Corsica wine region where Jean-Pierre Pinelli grew up, with its characteristic AOC CORSE-CALVI wines, mainly grown in the Figarella valley at the foot of the Calenzana commune.


You’ll encounter superb villages perched between the sea and the island’s highest mountains, where the thriving vine produces three noble grape varieties.

Vermentino, a white-skinned grape variety that produces dry wines; Sciaccarello, a dark-skinned grape variety that makes a typically Corsican wine; and Nielluccio, a red-skinned grape variety from Patrimonio, which produces denser wines with red fruit and violet aromas.


Visitors can taste these AOC wines at many of the wine estates. Properties such as Domaine d’Alzipratu, at the foot of Monte Grossu, awarded the Gold Medal at the Salon de l'Agriculture 2013 for its Fiume Seccu Blanc 2012 cuvée.

Or Domaine Orsini, on the slopes of Calenzana, where you’ll also some find tempting jams and delicious biscuits.


Treasure hunters, your quest is over: on the Route du Bonheur, L’Île de Beauté and its jewels await!


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