The vineyards of the Loire Valley, well-known for the quality of their welcome, owe their success to the endeavours of the men and women who make them come live! Five key players in the sector have been recognised at the first Bacchus of Wine Tourism awards.

The winning entries include experiences that will satisfy everyone’s thirst for discovery!


Would you like a little adventure? Then the escape room at Domaine Couly in Chinon or the excursions through the vineyards of Touraine with Val de Loire Travel are just the thing for you.


Feel like some good food? The food and wine pairings at Auberge des Isles in Montreuil-Bellay and the Muscadétours tastings are waiting for you.


Looking for a thrill? Then stand back in amazment at the jury’s top pick: a night in a barrel and a winemaker's picnic at Domaine de Montcy in Cheverny.


And if you’re feeling even more curious, the Loire Valley Wine Routes are a great choice with a wide range of activities. Time to get your road book out!


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