The prestigious Caves Byrrh is one of the pillars of France’s industrial heritage. 

Byrrh is a kind of vermouth aperitif, created in 1866 in Thuir by the Violet brothers, Pallade and Simon. The recipe is based, of course, on the wines of Roussillon and Malaga, which are combined with cinchona, coffee, cocoa and spices. Although the new museum tour naturally focuses on how Byrrh is produced, it also examines the beverage’s extraordinary journey across the twentieth century, from a medicinal remedy to a brand of aperitif with a global reputation. A mix of new technology and impressive period pieces helps tell the story. You'll see, among other things, the world’s largest oak casks (with a capacity of over one million litres), a majestic kiosk dating from 1891, and assorted advertising posters from the turn of the last century. The Byrrh brand slowly fell into disuse after World War II, what a history!


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Boulevard Violet, B.P. 25, 66300 Thuir