Domaine Rieflé-Landmann, where the vineyard stretches out over the villages of Pfaffenheim, Rouffach Wetshalten and Soultzmatt, offers a unique experience to visitors with bike rides, local gastronomy and regional organic wines.

Perched atop an electric mountain bike kitted out with a GPS and collective audio guide, budding or experienced cyclists can take to the bucolic highways and byways in perfect autonomy.


There are five circuits through the vineyards to encourage them to get to know the agro-ecology values and local wines of Domaine Rieflé-Landmann in a thoroughly unique way.


At the end of the ride, stopping off at an establishment that showcases regional products will be a welcome break before the experience continues in the cellar with a guided tasting.


A wind of freedom and love of fine things is blowing across Alsace with Vélo’Vignes!


Domaine Rieflé-Landmann

7 rue du Drotfeld
68250 Pfaffenheim


Tel.: +33 (0)3 89 78 52 21