From its rocky peak, Sancerre offers an uninterrupted view of the Loire and its wine region. This small village is two hours from Paris and the perfect destination for those looking to explore Sancerre's charm!

Close your eyes and imagine rippling slopes that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Visualise these hills dotted with tiny wine villages and, as a backdrop and amid the never ending vines, the snaking line of the gently flowing Loire river. Get the picture? This is the view from Sancerre, a small medieval village perched on a rocky outcrop, in the heart of the Centre Loire wine district. And you won’t be short of places from which to enjoy this view: from the Porte César esplanade to the Hôtel Panoramic’s vast terrace, the hilltop has the perfect spots from which to sample this splendid panorama.


While Sancerre’s charm lies in the valley's magnificent landscape, its identity can be found in its rich terroir. You can uncover the different aspects of this terroir at a wide range of sites, including La Maison des Sancerre. This centre for wine tourism offers a fun and educational introduction to the appellation’s wines. This includes: 4D cinema, animated terroir map, a scented garden to explore the world of aromas, and activities for children.


To continue this unique journey into the world of wine, visit Domaine de la Garenne and enjoy a guided tasting in its cellars. Just a stone’s throw away you’ll find a selection of venues where you can discover other local produce: from the fine dining offered by the Le Laurier restaurant in Saint Satur, to the Au P’tit Goûter restaurant in Chavignol, a hamlet famed for its goats cheeses, and the Ferme des Chapotons in Menetou-Râtel, where you’ll have a chance to taste the region’s specialities. Prepare your taste buds for some nonnettes (small iced gingerbread cakes), honey, croquets (almond biscuits), and more!


And if you’re looking for a spot of relaxation, then climb aboard the Raboliot, a typical local boat, for a trip down the Loire river. To the sound of the boat gliding through the water, Sylvain, its captain, will share the river’s many tales and secrets.

If you’re looking for somewhere that offers a taste of the good life, then Sancerre is the place for you.


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Wines of the Centre-Loire

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