Combining passion and a family feel, Château Montifaud is utterly unique, an estate that is oh-so-welcoming! Visitors even get the chance to make their own cocktail on the tastiest of sensory tours!

The passion for cognac has been passed down from father to son in the Vallet family for six generations to the great delight of wine lovers. In 2000, Laurent Vallet joined his father and grandfather, motivated by the desire to develop the estate. The facilities have now been modernised, the area occupied by ​​the vineyard has doubled, and the range of spirits has been expanded. While Laurent and his wife Élodie are keen to showcase their creativity, there’s no question that they’ll turn their backs on tradition.


So, in the Cognac vineyards in Petite Champagne, Château Montifaud opens its doors to visitors who are keen to learn more about the history of the estate and the passion that has driven the owners for six generations. Thanks to their creative thinking, the current proprietors have been able to highlight their know-how and independence on a well-designed, distinctive experiential tour entitled: Le cocktail se visite.


From the presses to the distillery via the finishing cellar, the tour explores every stage of the cognac production process – and not without a hint of originality! Everyone is given a shaker when they arrive, and is free to select the different ingredients presented throughout the visit from the vine to the glass.


Once all your senses have been stimulated, it’s time for your taste buds to start quivering when you taste your own cocktail made on site!


Château Montifaud

36 Route d'Archiac

Tel.: +33(0)5 46 49 50 77