From Couchois to the Mâconnais vineyards via Côte Châlonnaise, southern Burgundy is blessed with a range of landscapes up hill and down dale, encouraging travellers to take delightful detours and little-known roads as they discover the region’s sometimes-unexpected historical treasures.

This is a wine-growing land par excellence, the region bearing witness to a rich historical, archaeological and geological legacy.


The excursions organised by Enoculture invite curious visitors to discover unusual sites or rediscover iconic vineyard locations in the company of a professional guide with an atypical profile. The unashamedly cross-disciplinary approach to the themes explored – part-history, part-geography and part-oenology – gives participants an immersive experience that takes full account of the complex nature of this beautiful region of Burgundy.


In Chardonnay, a visit to the charming little market town surrounded by vineyards is an opportunity to absorb yourself in the saga of the celebrated eponymous grape variety. A jewel of Burgundy viticulture, this is the birthplace of the "Chardonnay of Chardonnays", white wines with an international reputation. And you can savour them at the tasting session on the excursion. It’s a wine-cum-culture experience for purists!


In full sight of Roche de Solutré, a climb blending geology, archaeology and oenology awaits participants. The secrets of this outstanding site will be laid bare on a two-hour walk climaxed by a tasting at the summit… where you will now be invited to make it all the way to the top of the various Mâconnais appellations!


A fusion of wine and cultural experiences by Enoculture!



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