Divin chocolate fair in the underground cellars of Ackerman @Reserved rights Chocolate for the Divin chocolat wine fair in the cellars of Ackerman ©Reserved rights

Each year at the start of December, Ackerman, the leading producer of sparkling wines in the Loire Valley, holds a weekend celebration of the complementary flavours of wine and chocolate in the enchanting setting of its vast underground cellars.

Vintages, regions, origins: there are numerous points in common between the expertise of the master chocolatier and winemaker.


Each first weekend of December, Ackerman brings together these experts of taste in its underground cellars, at Saumur, for tastings of exquisite chocolate and matching fine sparkling and other types of wines.


Different meetings supplement this tasting, an informative event which can be experienced by the whole family.




First weekend of December



Maison Ackerman

19 Rue Léopold Palustre

49412 Saumur