Cellar master at Mumm since 2006, Didier Mariotti continues the winemaking traditions of nearly two centuries. He makes the Mumm wines with his own sensibility while remaining faithful to the signature of this famous champagne. 

If you were a wine enthusiast, what would interest you most about Mumm? 

First of all our vineyard: 218 hectares, including 160 hectares classified as high-quality grand cru vines, situated in eight historic villages where all the authenticity of the Champagne wine district can be seen: Aÿ, Bouzy, Ambonnay, Verzy, Verzenay, Mailly, Avize and Cramant. This vineyard is dominated by Pinot Noir grapes, which are emblematic of the Mumm style, and come from the Montagne de Reims (170 hectares). It extends to a grand cru Chardonnay from Cramant and Avize on the Côte des Blancs (31 hectares), and to the Marne Valley, which mainly has Pinot Meunier vines (17 hectares). The wine cellars are the most impressive part of the Champagne region, with 25 km of tunnels allowing for the storage of 25 million bottles. The visit takes you into the history of the company through a very informative tour.


What are the most popular places among wine tourists visiting Champagne?

The Moulin de Verzenay offers an impressive panorama of the vineyards of the region. It makes you realize the richness and diversity of the Champagne region’s heritage. Restored in 1949, it is part of the Mumm heritage. I also like the Pershing bar at Verzenay and I enjoy walking along the streets of the village of Hautvillers.


What are the most surprising combinations of food and champagne you can recommend?

Strangely, I find that champagne goes very well with mezzés  (a range of Greek appetizers)! It also goes very well with Japanese cuisine: sushis, sashimis and tempuras.


Champagne Mumm

34, rue du Champ-de-Mars

51100 Reims

Phone: +33 (0)3 26 49 59 70