Since 2014, Baptiste Loiseau has been the cellar master for Remy Martin, in Cognac. A new generation that approaches its profession with humility, respect, a sense of heritage, a taste for innovation and a spirit of sharing.


What are the essential qualities of a cellar master?

The role of the cellar master is to guarantee the consistent quality of the product range and create cognacs which respect the Remy Martin style. An important part of my job is working with my nose: the selection of brandies by tastings and then the monitoring of the maturing and the blending. I’m lucky to be sensitive to scents, in everyday life as much as at work. You also have to be curious and inventive in this job, because a cellar master is not simply the ‘guardian of the temple’, as you might imagine. Above all, he or she is a visionary who prepares the future of the company. That is why you constantly have to question yourself. 


What do you like about your job?

What I find exciting is tasting with other people, even though I am very attached to the solitary work of creating brandies. I also really enjoy the contact with the Cognac suppliers and place great importance on our relationships. Behind each Cognac is a vineyard and therefore a person. It’s one of the things that is special about Remy Martin: the importance we place on people.


Remy Martin

20, rue de la Société Vinicole

16100 Cognac