The Luberon, to the south of the Rhône Valley, is home to vines that have grown here since antiquity in the heart of the Luberon Regional Natural Park, which is recognised by UNESCO not just as a Biosphere Reserve but also as a Global Geopark.

The Luberon is a destination you can explore with the changing seasons to suit everyone’s tastes thanks to the huge choice of things to do in this green oasis with a magic all of its own. Whether you’re a sporty type or a foodie, holiday-makers looking to switch off or keen to share a lively time together, the Luberon has something for you.


And wine-lovers aren’t left out either: almost all the vineyards organise an assortment of wine-themed activities, with highlights including tastings and introductory workshops for amateurs and the initiated alike. It’s an opportunity to (re)discover the complex, seductive aromatic palette that the Luberon’s red, white and rosé wines have to offer.


And, while the wines of the Luberon obviously owe their special character to the local grape varieties, terroir and climate, the winemaker’s know-how is also a vital ingredient! These men and women are driven by a deep love for their profession. What’s more, they are more than happy to share this heritage with visitors – the flora, fauna, smells, panoramas and traditions – so you can have a fun time in all simplicity throughout the year.


Even though the Luberon owes its reputation to its vineyards, the region can also pride itself on its inheritance, its history and its remarkable natural riches. The Luberon’s charms and the quality of life here have also attracted great names of the past, such as the novelist Henri Bosco, who rests alongside Albert Camus in the cemetery in Lourmarin, the village where he lived opposite the mountain surrounded by the appellation. Here is the sublime declaration that Bosco addressed to Camus:

“I had dreamed with a passion before this powerful mountain where, for several years, the smallest rock, the smallest hollow, the smallest cave wraps up, hides, implies, contains the supernatural. And I loved it."

Discovering the Luberon for the first time means making memories that will last a lifetime... and which are sure to make you want to come back!


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