The sea of vines at Château de Fourques, located on the outskirts of Montpellier, extends over 50 hectares. A bucolic interlude awaits visitors all year round in this green vineyard setting.

It’s with a smile on her face and a sack full of anecdotes that the winegrower receives curious visitors passing through Juvignac. The wine is all about women here, the family vineyard passed down from woman to woman for five generations. Lise welcomes oenophiles with a tale about her property and the idiosyncrasies of her profession that’s as passionate as it is fascinating.


The visit begins with a walk amidst the vines. The winegrower guides her guests through the different rows, introducing with great enthusiasm the terroirs and grape varieties that characterise the vineyard. The plots require their own special care at every time of year. As part of the team that keeps the estate going, everyone has a role to play in pampering the grapes that will produce the various cuvées.


After this great breath of fresh air, the tour continues in the cellars, where the winemaking processes are explained in detail. This is also an opportunity for visitors to taste the grape must that is taken directly from the vat and to learn about the flavours of the raw wines before they reveal their full character. To round off this oenological experience, a fun tasting of bottled wines is organised in the cellar, all accompanied by a plate of local specialties. Reds, whites and rosés – each colour forms part of the estate’s output, which even includes a few small deli delights made from the vines, such as grape vinegar, grapeseed oil and wine jelly.


The landscapes in the vineyard – like the wine that is preserved in barrels – never stop changing with the seasons, making each visit to the estate unique. From winter to summer, only one thing remains unchanged: when you cross the threshold of Château de Fourques, you’ll find vines all around and your head in the clouds!


Château de Fourques

Route de Lavérune
34990 Juvignac

Tél.: +33 04 67 47 90 87