Welcome to the village Chavignol, where the Bourgeois family invites you to share their passion at their domain that’s been nestled at the foot of the Monts Damnés hills for ten generations.

Thanks to the tastings offered in the cellar, the Sancerre terroirs will have no more secrets for you! You will also have the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the wine storehouse.  

For the gourmets, the Bourgeois family also suggests a walk in the vineyards, along with a wine maker’s picnic. Armed with your locally sourced foodie supplies you will discover the famous Monts Damnés hills.

The Côtes Monts Damnés hotel could be a great idea to prolong your weekends to go off exploring the charms of the region, with its spacious, comfortable and elegantly decorated rooms.


To go further in the revelation of the terroirs...

From May 2018, you will have the opportunity to experience a new way of discovering the secrets of local geology and paleontology, by participating in a unique wine tourism itinerary, only two hours away from Paris!

«  Through this new concept, our aim is to satisfy the curiosity of those who are interested by this new aspect of the job. Explore the field, assimilate the forming of the landscape, get to know traces of the past, the rocks, then taste the “fossil juice”. »


This two hours and a half itinerary will take place in four stages, each one lasting approximately 40 minutes.

To start off, a visit to the permanent exhibit about “the Sancerre and Pays-Fort geology” will be suggested, explaining to the visitors the forming of the local landscape. A field visit will then follow, at the Garennes quarry in the municipality of Vinon, located at the foot of a vineyard. A fossil excavation session will take place afterwards, and you will be able to bring back a unique souvenir. The third stage will consist in discovering the Kimmeridgian terroirs and its “white soils”, as well as searching for other fossils of a new geological era…and finally, the visits come to an end with a wine tasting at the property, where you will get a chance to taste the famous goat cheese named “le crottin de Chavignol”.

In order to make the experience unforgettable, you will be accompanied by a “geo-guide”, and a booklet presenting the itinerary, the area and the fossils, will be given to you as well.


Domaine Henri Bourgeois 
18300 Sancerre
+33 (0)2 48 78 53 20