The Tour du Pouilly-Fumé on the banks of the river in the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire is not to be missed, a gateway to unravelling the secrets of the vineyards and AOC Pouilly Fumé.

This winery is so much more than a museum: it’s a place of adventure and discovery that is open to the general public. Thanks to its inventive design, visitors find themselves immersed in a multi-sensory universe that showcases the Pouilly vineyards and the know-how of the local winegrowers.


The visit begins in a room that looks like a tasting cellar. Videos are projected onto the stone walls retracing the age-old history of the vineyard and two of the region’s star appellations: Pouilly-sur-Loire and Pouilly-Fumé.


In the second room, visitors are introduced to the work of the people who tend to the vines with the changing seasons. Small-scale special effects physically recreate the feeling that you're actually out there in the vineyard! From the cold of winter to the heat of summer via the autumn rains, the stage is set for a journey to the very heart of the vineyard.


After passing through the awe-inspiring winemaking room - where the basics of fermentation are explained in detail - visitors are invited to go down to the Aroma Cellar. Here, ten ballons or wine glasses are arranged on oak barrels with an exciting nose for anyone who is curious. These serve to introduce the aromatic families of Pouilly white wines: lemon confit, gingerbread, white floral fragrance, tropical fruit… a dizzying succession of scents prepares oenophiles for the tasting to follow!


Whilst the adults sample a selection of four local wines, the children are served cordials and are given a booklet with games on the history of the vineyard, the grape varieties, the terroirs and the tastes linked to the grapes.


In addition to the all-year-round tour route at the Tour du Pouilly Fumé, the tourist office offers lots of activities for novel ways to explore the Pouilly vineyards and the surrounding area: climb to the very top of the Saint-Andelain belvedere; take a walk through the vineyards; enjoy a great getaway by bike or embark on a trip by canoe - each and every experience promising you the most wonderful time!


La Tour du Pouilly-Fumé

30 rue Waldeck Rousseau
58150 Pouilly-sur-Loire


Tel.: +33 (0)3 86 24 04 70