Les Caves Duhard make way for Les Caves Ambacia on the edge of the Loire, wowing wine lovers with their unique oenological experience based on the five senses. In 2023, they won the “Outstanding Offer” prize of the Wine Tourism Trophies in the “Art, Culture & Savoir-faire” category.

The history of Les Caves Ambacia dates back to the 15th century when Louis XI tasted the delicious wine produced in the local vineyard on a visit to the royal château at Amboise. Captivated by its aromas, Louis ordered that the wine should be promoted for sale on the Tours market. A few centuries later, in 1874, the Duhards – a family of coopers from Amboise – moved to Les Caves in turn and became wine merchants. Five generations have come and gone, creating an outstanding collection of Vouvray wines.


Building on this history, Les Caves Ambacia are now home to a very special universe, a clever combination of heritage from the past and modernity conceptualised as a multi-stage tour.


It all starts with a sensory trail –a fun way to open the door to a world of wine by awakening each of the five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste are harnessed to discover a wide range of different families of aromas. There then begins a fantastic journey through 500 years of life in the Odyssey of the Vintages. Three films screened onto the walls of the cellar – including one in 3D – immerse viewers in the history of Loire Valley, introducing them to the local region’s assortment of wines.


And how better to end the tour in style than with a tasting in the cellars accompanied by a sommelier’s expert comments? This is the opportunity to savour the estate's various vintages alongside a platter of gourmet food while learning all there is to know about tasting techniques and food and wine pairings.


On leaving this spot steeped in history, young and old alike will have had their curiosity satiated and their senses awakened!


Les Caves Ambacia

56 rue du rocher des violettes

37400 Amboise


Tel.: +33 (0)2 47 57 20 77

Email: contact@caves-duhard.fr