They’re winegrowers and proud of it! In every corner of the vineyards of the Loire Valley, there are estates that introduce the general public to every aspect of the winegrower's profession with a wide range of fun activities.

Domaine Sauvète welcomes groups to its site at Monthou-sur-Cher. For anyone who loves the great outdoors, the winemaking workshop runs an introductory course on tending the vines in the very heart of the fields. Participants, who are accompanied by an experienced winemaker, can try their hand at pruning, debudding and trellising. And the work varies according to the season! Anyone who prefers the calm of the cellars can join the oenology workshop, where they can create their own blend and unlock the mysteries of winemaking. A tasting of several vintages of the same cuvée will help visitors understand the different subtleties involved in aging the wines.


The winegrowers at Domaine Les Pierres d'Aurèle welcome visitors to their vineyard at Saint-Georges-sur-Cher or to their cellar at Montrichard. There are two different experiences on offer: on the estate, you can take part in workshops on the cycle of the vine and blending (organised throughout the year), while in the cellar there is a beginner’s guide to tasting that introduces the various cuvées. Following these workshops, everyone leaves with a free bottle under their arm! Great experiences that make a wonderful gift!


On the Landron Chartier estate, winegrowers give oenophiles the chance to adopt vine stocks! Four events are then arranged over the coming year so that the “adopters” can help tend the vines, tour the cellars, take part in the harvest or even bottle the wines. As a reward for these months of work, a box of six personalised bottles is given to each apprentice winemaker!


Group visits are also welcome at the Jardin d’Édouard. The producers on this 15-hectare property immerse their guests in the daily life of the winegrowers for half a day so they can discover all the secrets of the profession. A meal with a wine tasting is shared with all participants.


There’s no lack of ingenuity among the winegrowers of the Loire Valley as they share their know how with a down-to-earth approach!