A fun and friendly experience while learning how to taste wine and talk about it

Have you always wanted to do a wine tasting but were afraid to try? Put aside your doubts. This workshopis made for you! You’re a wine enthusiast? That’s no problem either: just forget your prejudices and you’re likely to be surprised! 

Here, it’s not about intellectualizing wine tasting, which is, above all, a sensory and emotional experience.


With masked bottles and black wine glasses, the sommelier helps the participants learn the basics of tasting, through the many clues revealed during the workshop: colour, intensity, aromatic profile, balance. From white to red, and not forgetting rosé, the sommelier introduces the main types and styles of wines in a one-hour tasting of a selection of 3 world wines (accompanied by bread sticks). An opportunity to let go of apprehensions and awaken the senses and olfactory memories without being influenced by the appearance or the label!


1, esplanade de Pontac, 33300 Bordeaux.

Tél. : +33 (0)5 56 16 20 20.