The Loire Valley is a flagship destination for anyone who loves history and wine: and its landscapes, river, vineyards and châteaux can all be (re)discovered with your head in the clouds!

A three-hour excursion for an hour’s flight at dusk or dawn so you can enjoy the most beautiful light and the sun reflecting like magic over the Loire – that’s the thrilling adventure offered by four firms in Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire.


Starting from Amboise, Balloon Revolution flies over the prettiest spots in the Loire Valley, the Cher and the Indre in Touraine. After being invited to inflate the balloon in advance, you’ll be carried wherever the wind takes you. And, once back on terra firma, participants receive a certificate and are debriefed with a glass of Touraine Amboise in hand. Make the most of a private hire, an amorous getaway with a hot air balloon flight and a romantic night in Amboise, a tour and tasting in the cellars of Plou et fils… there is no end of special packages on offer!


The balloons of Aérocom Montgolfières take off from some exceptional spots, close to a château, near the Loire in Chaumont-sur-Loire, in Blois or Amboise or on the banks of the Cher at Chenonceau. These flights are suitable for everyone, since one of the baskets has disabled access.


The owners of Domaine de Gagnebert have their own hot air balloon! It takes off directly from the estate before flying over the Anjou vineyard and this wild, majestic river that is the Loire. Participants have the privilege of helping to inflate the balloon and later fold it once the flight is over before savouring a glass of Crémant de Loire.


Participants also help to get the balloons ready with the crew at Anjou-Nantes-Montgolfières, including the famous hot air balloon in the colours of Saumur-Champigny. There are two take-off spots: either the Ancenis / Oudon valley or between Angers and Saumur. Guests on this private outing then fly over the Loire Valley, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In a hot air balloon, the sheer immensity of the landscapes of the Loire stretches out beneath your feet in the most amazing silence...