This vineyard, situated half-way along the Alsace Wine Route, is 100% organic and biodynamic. It’s a lively spot, a place to meet people that is open to everyone.

The Dietrichs are a family of highly enthusiastic, dedicated winegrowers. They have chosen a hands-off approach to making wine so they can preserve the diversity of their vineyard and the unique character of their wines, whose taste changes according to the season.


The Alsatian grape varieties they grow are left to ferment in a bioclimatic cellar… in straw! Why? To cut down on the use of fossil fuels.


This highly unusual estate organises regular and one-off events with an original touch, including a traditional tasting of the best vintages, a tour of the cellars, walks or bike rides surrounded by the vines, food-and-wine soirées, or music and food-truck evenings, as well as many other festivities...


Domaine Achillée

50 rue de Dambach

67750 Scherwiller


Tel.: +33 (0)9 54 49 19 16

Email :