The Ambitious Kitchen team, i.e. Monique and Abra spent eight days in France learning about the food and wine culture. The first part of their trip was dedicated to the Rhone Valley while part two was dedicated to the Languedoc vineyard in Occitanie. 

Monique and her friend Abra spent a few days road tripping through the Rhone Valley, enjoying the region’s wine and culture. They visited the city of Avignon and its marketplace, where they sampled local delicacies, and toured the tunnels of Sernhac, which provided  water for the entire region for everything from bathing to winemaking! They visited the Domaine De Poulvarel, as well as the UNESCO listed Pont du Gard, built by the Romans over 4000 years ago. Monique and Abra then went spelunking in the Grotte de St Marcel d’Ardèche, and sipped a glass of wine 3,5 miles underground! They stayed in adorable bed & breakfasts, had some delicious meals in fine restaurants, and met local winemakers.

There are super strict regulations for wine (and most other products) to be considered organic, which is why winemakers have their craft so refined. Everything is from the earth and done by hand.

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All credits go to Monique Volz from ambitiouskitchen

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